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Here is an small portion of an article in the old Saddle Baron Magazine, other info can be viewed at

The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame brings together three exhibits for visitors to the Fort Worth Stockyards to see and enjoy; The Sterquell Wagon Collection, The Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame and the John Justin Display. In the late 1980s Holt Hickman, a Fort Worth businessman who was raised in Weatherford and went to the stockyards with his Dad along with others, founded Billy Bobs in the Stockyards. Since the early 1990s he has been directly involved with redeveloping and restoring the Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District. In the 1960s U. C. Sterl Sterquell, an accountant in Amarillo, along with his wife Betty began collecting and restoring wagons. For over 30 years they made the collection a big part of their lives. In the 1990s the Panhandle Historical Society sponsored the exhibit in Amarillo. Mr. Hickman and his wife Jo heard about the Sterquell wagon collection and decided it would make an interesting display in the stockyards. Presently there are more than 60 antique wagons on display at the museum. They cover a wide range of early transportation that everyone should see. Walking around them, looking at them and seeing how they were made will make everyone appreciate the strength of the people who lived in that time. Some of the exceptional wagons are: 1910, 4 seat Bob Sleigh; grain wagon with 4" wide wheels that held 6,000 pounds; 1815 Irish Jaunting Cart used for courting; 1900 Laundry wagon used by The Blake Laundry in Brooklyn, New York; 1915 Milk Delivery Wagon from S.C. Price 62 Saddle